RAW HEMP LEAVE JUICE from the industrial cannabis sativa, brought to your doorstep byhanfsaft express courier delivery, frozen.

Sana Hemp Juice, the first commercially available genuine RAW HEMP JUICE on the European market, containing the full spectrum of everything contained within the mature leave and bud, of the legal European industrial hemp plant.

You can now drink your hemp, as raw and unpasteurized vegetable juice. If you are one of those people who are looking to add cannabidiol to your diet, or just looking to consume the most healthy and beneficial food nature has to offer, and want to consume it in its raw and unheated form, as CBD acid, then Sana Hemp Juice is perfect for you.

You can buy the product from our partner Hemp Juice Company BV: http://www.sanahempjuice.com/products/

General info about our raw hemp juice:

  • Hemp Juice is a natural food that invigorates your body and mind. With a great profile of vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 & 6 and the additional benefit of a natural high CBD content, it is the perfect food to vitalise your bodily functions and stimulate your immune system.
  • Harvested in the Netherlands by farmers who have been growing it for almost 20 years, our EU-approved, no THC hemp varieties, are grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides at all.
  • The hemp leaves are harvested directly in the field and brought to our food grade juicing facility which is located in close proximity. Thereby we can ensure that the leaves are always fresh and can guarantee the freshness of our raw hemp juice.
  • The hemp juice is frozen within just two minutes after packaging, making sure that all the nutrients and enzymes remain active and vital for you to enjoy! There are no additives in the juice, so you can enjoy the raw nature exclusively, without any unwanted surprises.
  • Hemp is an ancient crop having been used as a food for centuries, due to its speed of growth and diverse nutritional profile.
  • Traditionally also used for its fibre, hemp has for many centuries been treated as a plant with many health and medicinal benefits.
  • Recent studies suggest that the main components of the hemp plant that produce such beneficial effects, stem from the Cannabidiol in the hemp plant, known as CBD or CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid). Based on this research we have embarked on the undertaking, of providing our customers with the best and purest form of the European hemp plant including its natural CBD, namely in its raw, unheated and pure natural form – Sana Hemp Juice! This way you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in its natural acid form, together with all the other vital components our Sana Hemp Juice offers.
  • Many doctors who research this field, advocate drinking the leaves and bud of the hemp plant raw, to preserve all the nutrients and to obtain CBD in its acid form.
  • Be the first to drink the live raw hemp juice from this years harvest, full of vitamins, minerals and CBD in its natural form as cannabidiolic acid.


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Nutritional information of Sana Hemp Juice.

Nutrition Information

Typical values Per 100ml Per portion*
Energy 102KJ/24Kcal 30.6KJ/7.2 Kcal
Fat 0,45g 0.14g
– saturated 0.1 g 0.03 g
– mono unsaturated < 0.1 g < 0.03 g
– poly unsaturated 0.35 g 0.11 g
Carbohydrates 2.53 g 0.76g
– sugars 1.21 g 0.36 g
Dietary Fiber 1 g 0.3 g
Protein 1.3 g 0.39 g
Salt 0.11 g 0.03 g

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin B3 13,5 mg (75% RDI) 4,05 mg(22,5% RDI)
Vitamin B6 0,31 mg (22,1% RDI) 0,09 mg (6,4% RDI)
Vitamin E 1,9 mg (15,8% RDI) 0,57 mg (4,8% RDI)
Iron 3,93 mg (28,1 % RDI) 1,18 mg (8,4% RDI)
Potassium 209,6 mg (10,5 % RDI) 62,88 mg (3,1% RDI)
Calcium 137,87 mg (17,2% RDI) 41,36 mg (5,2% RDI)
Zinc 1,03 mg (10,3% RDI) 0,31 mg (3,1% RDI)
Chlorophyll 0.40 mg 0,12 mg

Essential Fatty acids and CBD acid

Omega 3 97.43 mg 29,23 mg
Omega 6 227,93 mg 68,38 mg
CBD acid 54 mg 16,2 mg

*1 portion is 30 ml (the packaging contains 30 portions). RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

FAQ on Cannabis Juice?

Will juice from industrial fiber hemp have a psychedelic effect ?
No. The main psychoactive compound in illegal cannabis is called THC. The cannabis varieties that we use are Epsilon 68, Fedora 17 and Futura 75. These varieties fall way below the EU prescribed limit of 0,2% THC and are all registered in the EU Directorate General for Health & Consumers as can be found here.

Does industrial hemp plants still have a healthy vitamin and mineral content?
Yes, the nutritional profile of Sana hemp juice is certainly a healthy cocktail, and provided in it’s natural raw form, with no preservatives.

I am only interested in CBD or CBDa, does your hemp juice product provide this molecule?
YES. Sana Hemp Juice, as most other hemp and cannabis varieties, does have a natural content of CBD in the form of CBD acid (or cannabidiolic acid is it is also called). In fact, the cannabis family, including industrial fibre hemp, is one of the only places in nature, where CBD/CBDA is found abundantly.

What makes hemp juice so special?
Well first of all, it is still at this point quite rare in the market, and secondly it has a lot of natural qualities that other vegetable juices do not.
One example is its content of the molecule called CBDa which is short for Cannabidiol acid. This is also a molecule produced naturally in our bodies, where it plays a key roles in a number of vital functions, including but not limited to the immune system. Inside our bodies it is called endocannabinoids or as a whole controlling system, it is referred to as the endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system has been studied using genetic and pharmacological methods. These studies have revealed that cannabinoids act as neuromodulatorsfor a variety of physiological processes, including motor learning,synaptic plasticity,appetite, and pain sensation.
Source: Wikipedia

Is your hemp juice a RAW FOOD?

How fast is Sana hemp juice frozen?
Due to our high standards and focus on quality, we have ensured that the freezing process is handled as swiftly as possible. We are therefore proud to say that it only takes a matter of a few minutes from packaging the juice, until it is fully frozen and stable for storage.

Has any form of pesticides or herbecides been used on the plants during the cultivation?
NO not at all.

Can I expect to see any immediate results from consuming raw hemp juice?
As with any raw green juices, you can expect to feel more healthy and envigorated within a few days. Apart from this, raw foods do provide you with loads of vitamins and minerals in a raw and natural form, as can be seen on the label. Try our hemp juice and feel the difference.

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